We Rock At All Things Dog! 🐶

About Us

 "Our mission is to provide you an unsurpassed pet shopping experience"

Our team believes all pets deserve the love and care they deserve through high-quality products made for especially for them. That's why we created a seamless shopping experience for our shoppers, so they don't have to worry about constantly making trips to the pet store. Keeping your furry friends happy should be as easy as clicking a few buttons, and we've brought this experience to life with Tug Toy. 

Our Goals

We believe it is important to set and meet goals every year to be the best company we can be. As of this year, we've been able to deliver thousands of pet products to happy owners and their little companions. This year, we would love to reach twice as many people and provide them with products that everyone will enjoy.

Our People

We're proud to say that our team is made of happy Dog owners like yourselves, understanding what it takes to raise a happy friend. Our experience is used to relate to your needs and create an authentic shopping experience. Our team is always on the lookout to provide you with excellent service while you're with us.

Tug Toy For You

We made sure to keep our products right for Dogs of all shapes and sizes. We keep our inventory stocked with goods fit for a wide variety of dogs. We love hearing feedback from happy customers like yourselves with our products.